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Strength Standards For Beginning Strongman Training

I’ll be one of the first to tell you there are huge benefits to incorporating strongman style movements and events into your training program. But I’ve also pointed out that depending on your goals and level of conditioning there are particular exercises which are inappropriate and more specific to competition than general strength or fitness. Strongman starts with strong, and as that implies, it is helpful to have some basic tenants of strength before going all out with strongman (or strongwoman) training and implements.

Weak Economy: Why Endurance Athletes Should Train For Strength

Weak Economy: Why Endurance Athletes Should Train For Strength

There's an evil misconception that circulates the endurance community. This false idea is the very common idea that strength training in heavy rep ranges and without any type of bosu ball will make endurance athlete's big and slow. Whether its runners, triathletes, rowers, or just about any other endurance athlete, it seems to be the prevailing notion that high repetition weight training and circuits are the only acceptable protocols to improve endurance performance through strength training.  And this is false.

Developing Efficiency in Strongman For All Sizes: 7 Tips For Athletes Big & Small

This month I was given the opportunity to write an article for the Performance Menu regarding my unique perspectives on training and competing as a 175# strongman. I discuss some of the things that I feel are important for performing lifts as efficiently as possible as well as optimizing the heavy training to stay athletic, move well, and avoid injuries/overtraining. 

Dominic Builds Strength and Conditioning For BJJ

“If you’re a competitive athlete, you owe it to yourself to give Brian a call. He’s a great friend, and an amazing trainer. Win or lose, I’m glad I have Brian in my corner."   

1-2-3 Squatting Made Simple

I’m gonna teach you how to squat. It won’t be fancy and we’re not gonna go through all the variations. Squatting is pretty simple, but its a hard test of your will when you start adding pounds to the bar. The problem is most people have really just forgotten how. I think this is where I'm supposed to put the obligatory cliche photo of a toddler squatting perfectly.