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Strongman: More Than Big Weights

I’m not your typical strongman. I compete in a category often referred to as the “little fellas.” My fellow competitors and I have to weigh in at a weight of 175# or less. We’re not exactly the gargantuans you see on ESPN. But if you are fortunate enough to witness one of our competitions you see some amazing ant-like feats of strength. If you have ever thought you were too small, too “normal” sized, or too average to compete in strongman or train like one, this story is for you.


What's In My Gym Bag, Traveling to the Arnold


It's been a fun journey training for the Amateur Strongman World Championships at the Arnold Sports Festival. All the training and work is done and now I'm just stressed I may be forgetting to pack something. Strongman is a simple sport, but we use a lot of little things to support our performances. The following is my check list.


Weak Economy: Why Endurance Athletes Should Train For Strength

Weak Economy: Why Endurance Athletes Should Train For Strength

There's an evil misconception that circulates the endurance community. This false idea is the very common idea that strength training in heavy rep ranges and without any type of bosu ball will make endurance athlete's big and slow. Whether its runners, triathletes, rowers, or just about any other endurance athlete, it seems to be the prevailing notion that high repetition weight training and circuits are the only acceptable protocols to improve endurance performance through strength training.  And this is false.

Developing Efficiency in Strongman For All Sizes: 7 Tips For Athletes Big & Small

This month I was given the opportunity to write an article for the Performance Menu regarding my unique perspectives on training and competing as a 175# strongman. I discuss some of the things that I feel are important for performing lifts as efficiently as possible as well as optimizing the heavy training to stay athletic, move well, and avoid injuries/overtraining. 

Dominic Builds Strength and Conditioning For BJJ

“If you’re a competitive athlete, you owe it to yourself to give Brian a call. He’s a great friend, and an amazing trainer. Win or lose, I’m glad I have Brian in my corner."