How Do I connect with Others in Strong Made Simple?

The Strong Made Simple community is full of people just like yourself looking to get fitter and stronger. You'll see lots of these people around the Aztec Recreation Center or within your training groups. Additionally though we want to encourage everyone to be an active part of our community by joining and posting in the Strong Made Simple Facebook group. The online group serves as a place for you to share your struggles and brag about your successes. Ask us questions or answer others'. The only rule to the online group is "Be nice!" So go and post something! Introduce yourself and say hi to the rest of Strong Made Simple.

Where Can I park around the arc?

Most of the time when there aren't events taking place on campus the best places to park are the M Lot behind the ARC, Parking Structure 5 on the corner of 55th and Montezuma, or on 55th Street by Albert's Apartments. These places are shown on the linked map.

Occasionally there are major events in Viejas Arena that black out our regular parking lots. When this happens, typically only after 4pm, you can find street parking in the areas designated on the Parking Map. Green and yellow zones are free to park in after 6pm. Do not park in lots without a permit simply because the machine is out of order. You will likely receive a ticket. Instead find a free parking space on the street with the map provided or purchase a ticket from a machine in one of the other lots or structures. I would highly recommend purchasing a semester or monthly permit via parking services. You do NOT have to be a student to purchase one and it is much more convenient. You can sign up to purchase a permit here.

Where do we meet for Workouts?

If it is your first time meeting your trainer we will meet you in the front of the main hallway of the ARC. Usually our training sessions will take place or begin in either the weight room or the back lobby (West Entry) by the basketball courts. If you do not see us in the main hallway we may be in one of these areas with clients already. If you are still uncertain how to find us feel free to text or call us directly.

What should Do when I show up to the gym before workouts?

Foam roll and warm up! We regularly go through several warm up exercises like single leg deadlifts, t-spine rotations, t-spine extensions, or even just stretching and jumping jacks. You can find more info at these links:

Upper Body Foam Rolling

Lower Body Foam Rolling

What do I need to bring to training sessions?

Shoes, gym clothes, a water bottle. That should just about cover it. The ARC doesn't allow for anyone to use the facilities without closed toe shoes, so no flip flops. Certain types of materials like denim or anything with rivets are not allowed either. Make sure your clothing choices are comfortable and allow you to move well. Finally, a water bottle cuts down on time spent running to and from the water fountains in the ARC.

What if I'm late or can't make my appointment?

Shoot us a text message if you know you're going to be running late or won't be able to make your appointment. This helps us to keep the clients we're with moving along without having to scan the gym looking for you. If you are late find us as soon as you arrive and change clothes. Don't worry about a foam roller and we'll get you caught up to speed. If you are unable to make your appointment at all see our cancellation policy and procedures for rescheduling. If you are able to reschedule make sure that you write us an email. Sometimes texts can get lost more easily, so an email is a better way to discuss schedule changes so we can update our calendars appropriately and be better prepared for your training sessions. 

What about my "off" days?

During days you aren't scheduled to meet with your trainer you should still check in with us when you get to the gym. While our attention may be focussed primarily on the group of clients that are scheduled, you are always welcome to come and workout alongside that group. We'll even happily answer questions and still keep a bit of an eye on your form and workout as best we can. 
This provides you with some added accountability and can help you solidify your daily workout routine. Showing up the same time every day is an easier habit to build than switching around constantly. 

How do I stay informed about events?

When we create community events they will be posted and shared in the online group as well as emailed to everyone. Your RSVPing helps us a lot when you plan to attend. Just don't RSVP if you won't make it. 

Will you train me at another gym like 24 hour fitness?

No. Unfortunately we are not able to train clients at other facilities. It requires a lot of additional work to move around between multiple facilities when most of our clients are already at the ARC. 
Other gyms have their own personal trainers and are watchful to make sure other fitness professionals aren't utilizing their facilities. Additionally, it's just kind of unprofessional.

How do I refer a friend?

Working out with people we like makes us way more likely to feel supported and be successful. If you've got a friend that you think would like to join us we'd like to encourage that. You can refer a friend and they'll get their first month of semi private training for half price! Just put their name and contact info in the form on the personal training referral page. We'll send them an email letting them know that they can try their first month for half price.


Given the subscription model of our semi-private training services, some months you will often receive more than 4 weeks worth of training sessions. You also have the added flexibility to adjust your training schedule on occasion. If you provide 24 hours notice when canceling a scheduled session you have the option to reschedule to another group time in the same week for a nominal fee of $10. If you need to make adjustments to your schedule a week or more in advance, please email us promptly and you can do so without a rescheduling fee.


Text communication is understably one of the most convenient ways for many of us to stay in touch. However, it is not always the best for scheduling and rescheduling purposes. If you are running late, please text message or call your trainer directly so they can be ready when you arrive. If we haven't heard from you and you are more than 10 minutes late you will be assumed to be a no show. 
If you need to make adjustments to your schedule please email us in advance. Cancellations and rescheduling will adhere to the cancellation and rescheduling policies outlined above. If you are able to reschedule your training session the best way to do so is via email so there is a clear record of the schedule change. We receive a lot of input everyday and even if you told us in person we may not remember to adjust our schedule later.


Should something come up and you need to miss a week or more of scheduled sessions you will be prorated your next month the percentage of sessions less than the typical four week training period. This is based on a subscription price breakdown of a $97 base fee plus the amount set for your number of sessions received each week. For example, if you missed 1 of 4 weeks training at 2 sessions per week, your monthly fees will be adjusted $50 = 25% of $200.

The more we communicate the better. We want to hear from you! So please don't hesitate to get in touch with us regularly. If you need to change your schedule just use the button under the appropriate names below to send us an email detailing your schedule changes. If you are running late for your appointment or need quick an answer quickly shoot us a text.

Brian Tabor
(619) 764-3425

Anthony Sawh
(619) 274-1241