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Dominic Builds Strength and Conditioning For BJJ

“If you’re a competitive athlete, you owe it to yourself to give Brian a call. He’s a great friend, and an amazing trainer. Win or lose, I’m glad I have Brian in my corner."   

DB Strength for Combat Athletes Workshop

Over the weekend I attended Doug Balzarini's, "Strength & Conditioning for the Combat Athlete" workshop. It was great. Just thought I'd give credit where it's due and share a few things I learned. Doug's workshop was held at Alliance MMA in Chula Vista, CA where he heads up the strength & conditioning program for their team and fighters like Brandon Vera and Dominick Cruz, just to name a few. The facility looked great and had some great tools for just about anyone's training needs. Doug is a classy man and greeted us with some nice swag bags including his dvd, a well done workshop booklet, and a super soft t-shirt.