Based in San Diego, CA, Strong Made Simple personal training has been helping people build strength, fitness, and confidence since 2010. Our team of personal trainers simplify your fitness goals so you can enjoy all the best of San Diego.

You will achieve long term success by working with actionable steps to help you develop the skills and lifestyle that support your training goals. Our community of coaches, clients and other San Diegans provide continuing support with fun activities outside the gym in addition to your personal training sessions. 

We want you to be your strongest, happiest, most confident self. Contact us today for your free consultation and to learn what Strong Made Simple can do for you.




San Diego Personal Trainer Headshot

Brian Tabor, MS, CSCS

Owner of Strong Made Simple, Strongman, San Diego personal trainer, World Traveller, and Taco Connoisseur

Brian Tabor

Brian Tabor is a certified personal trainer with a B.S.E. in Sport Science from The University of Kansas and an M.S. in Exercise Physiology from San Diego State University (SDSU). While completing his masters degree, Brian interned with the US Navy SEALs’ Tactical Athlete Program as well as with the athletics departments of SDSU, University of San Diego, and UC San Diego. He also earned the title of 2010 North American Strongman National Champion <175#, California's Strongest Man <200# in 2013, and competed internationally. He holds the following certifications: NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, HKC Kettlebell Instructor, Level 1 Functional Movement Specialist, ACE Certified Health Coach and more.

All that aside, Brian knows how to connect with people to distill the results you want down into actionable goals you can fit into your everyday life. He helps you focus on the process it takes to get a little better everyday, so you can live your life and experience sustainable results.

Anthony Personal Trainer.jpg

Anthony Sawh,


San Diego Native, Personal Trainer, Vacation Traveler, and Lover of Deadlifts and Squats.

Anthony Sawh

Anthony is a certified personal trainer that graduated with degrees from San Diego State University in Biology with an emphasis in Human Biology and Business Management.

When he started college at San Diego State University he developed a passion for exercise and strength training. During this time he was able to gain over 60 pounds, transforming himself from a scrawny 102 pound runner to a more resilient and well rounded 170 pound athlete. Anthony began working with Strong Made Simple as a client and now uses that experience and passion to help others reach their fitness goals as well.

You can count on Anthony to provide the knowledge, support, and accountability you need each day to help you reach your goals of a stronger leaner body.


You've decided to start making changes to get fitter. You don't have to go it alone. Start by surrounding yourself with real, awesome people in San Diego. Strong Made Simple is more than personal training. Become part of a community that shares in each other's successes and struggles. 

No matter where you're at on your journey to better strength, fitness, and confidence, it helps to have a tribe of people to support you. That's exactly why we started a group on Facebook. We want you to have a place to ask questions, share your struggles, and celebrate your successes.

When you join the free Facebook group, the Strong Made Simple community will be there to cheer you on, support you, and put together our collective brains to help you keep making and maintaining progress. No judgements and no jerks allowed. 

Additionally, if you're in the San Diego area, you'll be connecting with people that can actually workout, play and stay active with you in person. We regularly get together for all sorts of events like free outdoor workouts, hiking, ultimate frisbee, paddle boarding, and even happy hour.

You can begin taking control of your fitness journey now by joining The Strong Made Simple community on Facebook. You'll get to know and meet other amazing people around San Diego to help you achieve your fitness goals.




Most Strong Made Simple personal training programs occur in small groups or semi private sessions. We limit the group sizes to 4 people or less so that everyone receives a high quality personal training session with a lot of individual coaching. We all know we need to move more and get stronger, but when you're training with others you get the added benefit of support from everyone else. This support extends beyond the gym, because as part of our community you have the opportunity to connect with others like yourself to stay active in other ways around San Diego or wherever you find yourself. We're stronger together!

Semi-Private Personal Training

Join a small group for semi private personal training. Working in a group immediately expands your support network for achieving your goals. Additionally, being part of a group means you're part of a team. Not only will others push you outside your comfort zone, but you'll be pushing others as well. Training becomes something you are a part of and not just something you have to go do. All group programs are modified to meet your own personal training goals and needs. 

1 on 1 Personal Training

During a one on one personal training session you are always the main focus so that you can quickly overcome any barriers and your constant progress is ensured. One on one personal training allows for additional time to focus on detailed athletic programming, development of efficient movement patterns, as well as extra attention for those who are unaccustomed to exercise or have issues that may require more in depth coaching.

All Personal Training Programs Include:

Personalized Training Plan

We start all new clients with a 1-1 consultation to discuss your goals and assess your needs. After the first consultation and assessment you may receive another 1-1 appointment to begin coaching basic movements and getting you familiarized with exercise basics so you can transition into a group more easily. After this you can expect to have homework to practice on your own each week based on what you've already accomplished in training.

Nutritional Guidance

In addition to a new exercise program, changing your eating habits and nutrition can seem overwhelming. When you join Strong Made Simple you'll meet with your personal trainer to discuss your eating habits and create reasonable goals for making continued sustainable progress. No fad diets. No silly detoxes or cleanses. Just sound eating habits, strategies, and ongoing support that can help you look and perform your best.

A Fun & Supportive Community

Fitness goals are so much more than just going to the gym to get better at the gym. As part of our community, you can expect to meet people just like you getting stronger, building confidence, and doing more with their awesome bodies. We regularly plan extra activities like hiking, paddleboarding, or games of ultimate frisbee to get you engaged with others and push your fitness to new levels, all while smiling, laughing, and making new friends.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee