Top 10 Articles of 2012

Number 10

Your Favorite Strong Made Simple Blog Posts

2013 is almost here so that means a lot of looking back on 2012. Its been a good year for the Strong Made Simple site. There have been a lot of improvements not the least of which may be my writing. Here are my top 10 most viewed articles from 2012.


10.) Sandbags Don't Need Handles

My take on sandbags as a training tool. Know the limits of sandbag training and keep it simple.


9.) 5 Ways to Get Stronger Instantly

Quick tips for improving your strength almost immediately. Pick one and set a PR!


8.) 2012 Dallas Europa Get Fit Strongman Write Up

My adventures in Strongman. With competition montage.


7.) Overhead Pressing: From Top to Bottom to Top

A small change in the way you press and breath can be the difference between extra repetitions and failure. Give it a try.


6. Stop Warming Up: You’re Not That Broken

Simplify your warm ups. Get the job done and move on in your workout. How to cover all your warm up bases in 10 minutes.


5.) Squatting With Your Hips (Flexors)

How to gain depth in your squat when there's nothing wrong with you or your ankles.


4.) How To Make A Tire Sled

Sleds are cool. Who doesn't wanna make their own?


3.) Paleo Almond Bread

People dig bread. But everyone wants to avoid wheat nowadays. Here's your way around it. Plus you could give this out like fruit cake for the holidays!


2.) 5 Drills For Ankle Mobility

Since spraining my ankle last week I've become a big contributor to the web traffic on this post.


1.) Weak Economy: Why Endurance Athletes Should Train For Strength

Strength to go extra miles. Make strength training support your endurance endeavors!


What's your favorite?

Post a comment on your favorite post and let me know what you'd like to see more of in 2013. A big thank you to all my clients in 2012 and to all of you visiting the site and sharing your thoughts and experiences. Happy holidays!