Squatting With Your Hips (Flexors)

Yea that's right. Brian's talking about squatting again. Go figure. I love the squat. It's the bees knees. But in my experience of teaching others, that often include fitness professionals, I here one excuse all too often when people struggle to squat, "I can't squat deeper because of my ankle mobility." Poppycock I say. I'll tell you why.

Meatheads in the Park

Last weekend I invited several other coaches and trainers from the San Diego area to meet with me in a park by the bay to eat pulled pork sandwiches, lift stuff, play on monkey bars, and talk shop. Despite not needing all 14 pounds of pulled pork and a whole gallon of dill pickles I had brought I felt it was a successful endeavor and hopefully the first of many to come. I'll recap a few points I took from a day of BBQ, comradery, and lifting stuff.

1-2-3 Squatting Made Simple

I’m gonna teach you how to squat. It won’t be fancy and we’re not gonna go through all the variations. Squatting is pretty simple, but its a hard test of your will when you start adding pounds to the bar. The problem is most people have really just forgotten how. I think this is where I'm supposed to put the obligatory cliche photo of a toddler squatting perfectly.