Strongman: More Than Big Weights

I’m not your typical strongman. I compete in a category often referred to as the “little fellas.” My fellow competitors and I have to weigh in at a weight of 175# or less. We’re not exactly the gargantuans you see on ESPN. But if you are fortunate enough to witness one of our competitions you see some amazing ant-like feats of strength. If you have ever thought you were too small, too “normal” sized, or too average to compete in strongman or train like one, this story is for you.


CA Strongest Man and Team Strong Made Simple

CA Strongest Man and Team Strong Made Simple

I'm still beaming with pride at the performances from everyone while we were there. Adam and I were competing in the <200 division and Ryan competed alongside the heavyweights. Each of the weight classes had a great showing of competitors both new and seasoned. I was especially excited to compete alongside Adam in his debut competition.

Competing For Your Fitness

In the fitness community, we often talk about the power of competition in helping people to reach their goals with more certainty than it likely deserves. Especially those of us that actively compete in some type of sport. We’re driven to compete and think everyone else should be, too. But, whether you truly train to compete or workout to look and feel better really deserves some thought. And I'm not just referring to your decision to try out a crossfit gym or not.

2012 Dallas Europa Get Fit Strongman Write Up

Two weeks ago I traveled to Dallas, TX for my first strongman competition in over a year. I was incredibly nervous and excited about my return to competing in the sport. ... I was going to be competing against a couple of guys, Kalle Beck and Mark Taysom, I had competed with then. And since then have watched their training logs and videos improve steadily. There were also some new competitors in the mix and my internet stalking proved to me they were no slouches either. Needless to say I didn't wanna embarrass myself and have my ass handed to me.