Strongman: More Than Big Weights

I’m not your typical strongman. I compete in a category often referred to as the “little fellas.” My fellow competitors and I have to weigh in at a weight of 175# or less. We’re not exactly the gargantuans you see on ESPN. But if you are fortunate enough to witness one of our competitions you see some amazing ant-like feats of strength. If you have ever thought you were too small, too “normal” sized, or too average to compete in strongman or train like one, this story is for you.


Stop Warming Up: You're Not That Broken

I get that many people spend their days hunched over a computer or at least seated. I get that other people have their share of injuries that require just a little bit more to prep for heavy lifts. And I get that corrective and functional exercise is very en vogue as it allows you to play doctor with yourself and others in hopes of feeling better. But I DON’T get why so many people need a half hour for their warm ups.


New Year's Day 2012 Workout

Crow Pose

Today was New Year's Day and I spent much of it at Mission Beach practicing some MovNat skills as well as some general playing around and trying new things. The following videos demonstrate some of the goofiness.

You don't have to go to Disney anymore to ride the Tea Cups!

The Wolf Run is just fun to do. Maybe I can justify it by calling a practice in horizontal triple extension.

We also did some variations of kettlebell carries, including farmers walks, clean rack position, and waiters walks. Some Turkish Get Up practice was also mandatory.

May 2012 bring you much success in all your endeavors.