Competing For Your Fitness

In the fitness community, we often talk about the power of competition in helping people to reach their goals with more certainty than it likely deserves. Especially those of us that actively compete in some type of sport. We’re driven to compete and think everyone else should be, too. But, whether you truly train to compete or workout to look and feel better really deserves some thought. And I'm not just referring to your decision to try out a crossfit gym or not.


What's a twisdom? Every once in awhile your brain gets its shit together and you put together something better than a brain fart. If it smells like roses and is nearly concise enough to be a tweet, well that's a twisdom! I've polled some strength, fitness, and health peeps to provide me with a few of their favorites and posted them here.

Powerlifting and Bodybuilding - A Match Made in Heaven

It seems nowadays people shy away from the words bodybuilding and powerlifting.  I know this because I have worked with women, and as soon as you say the word bodybuilding or powerlifting they think a mastadon physique, accompanied by a hairy chest, and the voice of a viking.  Well let us address this.

Overhead Pressing: From Top to Bottom to Top

Once upon a time when men were men and Strongmen were legends, few people even thought of lying on their backs to press a weight. Putting weight over your head was the only acceptable way to demonstrate super human strength and impress the onlookers. Since the days of Saxon and after the introduction of nautilus machines and bench pressing, the art of pressing overhead has been all but lost. But there's hope yet and you can still learn to press weights and people overhead with a blatant disregard for gravity.

Meatheads in the Park

Last weekend I invited several other coaches and trainers from the San Diego area to meet with me in a park by the bay to eat pulled pork sandwiches, lift stuff, play on monkey bars, and talk shop. Despite not needing all 14 pounds of pulled pork and a whole gallon of dill pickles I had brought I felt it was a successful endeavor and hopefully the first of many to come. I'll recap a few points I took from a day of BBQ, comradery, and lifting stuff.