Fight Cell Phone Posture With These Neck Exercises

Phone Zombies

Everybody wants to know how to train to fight and survive the Zombie apocalypse. A fun training goal to visualize. However, I think our biggest threat isn't bath salts or viruses. It’s probably our constant cell phone usage.

Smart Phone Zombies On The Rise

I've noticed lately that I recognize people more by the crown of their heads than by their actual facial characteristics. And while everyone's general speaking/social skills are declining, text messaging and pedestrian accidents are on the rise. While these types of zombies are fairly benign and not nearly as frightening as the flesh eating/bath salt kind, I'd like to think we can live in a better world where we recognize smiles and faces and walk out in front of traffic less.

Musculus splenius capitis marked

Musculus splenius capitis marked

Sooner or later all this mobile web browsing and texting is gonna lead to epidemic levels of weak and lengthened posterior neck muscles such as the semispinalis and splenius. Once that happens we may lose our ability to look up altogether.

Old School Neck Training Remedy

The potential remedy is nothing new. (It rarely is in fitness). Strongmen and wrestlers have long known how to strengthen necks. Through the use of variations of neck extension exercises like the neck extension and wrestlers bridge strongmen like George Hackenschmidt and Arthur Saxon have developed mighty necks. The following video takes you through some basic neck extension exercises in order of difficulty.

If you spend too much staring at computers, your phone, or ipod try including one of these neck exercises into your training to avoid a weak zombie like neck. With regular practice you may even need bigger shirts.

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