A Little Friendly Front Squat Competition

When someone throws down the gauntlet it doesn't always matter if it fits your current plan or not. Sometimes you just gotta be awesome for the sake of competition and the dare. Vids. Check it.

More one upping vids after the break.

Over at the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/survival.fittest they apparently are having some fitness challenges. This week was front squat your bodyweight for max reps. I originally submitted 21 reps.

Then Fawn Friday and Joe Rodriguez had to go and beat me with 25 reps. So today I took a moment during lunch to go over the top on them.

This is starting to feel like cardio, but I I like Front Squatting and winning so we'll see how far I have to take it. Throw down your own gauntlet or respond to someone elses challenge. It can push you outside your comfort zone.