Victoria's Personal Training Story

Victoria was already a busy student at San Diego State University. She didn't have time to start working out if it was just going to aggravate old sports injuries. She decided to give personal training a try so she could avoid injuries while getting stronger and more confident in the gym. 

When she started working with a Strong Made Simple personal trainer she learned how to exercise pain free and made the gym apart of her routine. Along the way she made new friendships and found an additional community to be part of in San Diego. She'll tell you all about it in the following video. Click the photo to play :-)

Victoria continues to be an amazing part of the Strong Made Simple community even though she has since moved from San Diego to be with her husband. 

She regularly checks in with the Strong Made Simple personal trainers to follow up about her workouts and nutrition online, and to make sure her workout partners are still getting after it with their own exercise and fitness goals in San Diego. 

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