SDSU Student Gets Strong With Personal Training

Patrick squatting at the Aztec Recreation center.

Patrick squatting at the Aztec Recreation center.

I'm a graduate student who spends most of my time indoors, but loves to go out and try new restaurants and bars, along with playing video games as well. I decided to train with Brian after realizing how I was not in shape like I was in high school and wanted to have someone who could help me get to that and become stronger than I have been before.

Hiring a Personal Trainer

Knowing Brian's education level with Exercise Science helped solidify my decision to train with him. I wanted someone who knew what they were doing and could give me scientifically sound reasoning for what would part of the training. He knows how to help my shoulder recover from a repetitive use injury, and however else I have managed to injure myself outside of the gym.

Pushing Harder

Brian has learned how to use my competitive tendencies to push myself harder than I normally would while training. I have seen myself go from feeling insecure about my body and fitness level to being much happier and confident knowing much I have improved. I can now even fit into clothes that I have not been able to fit into since high school.

Workouts are More Fun With Friends

The social aspect of small group training has helped me meet others within the Strong Made Simple community and make new friends that I would not have met outside of the group. Plus the SMS community events outside of the gym help keep things interesting, rather than spending all the time in the gym. These events are helping me get back into the outdoor things like hiking, which I used to do when I was in high school.

Brian always seems to know the way to help my mood improve whenever I have a training session with him, and cares about what is happening in my life. I would strongly recommend anyone of my friends use Brian to work on getting in shape or better defining their fitness level from his vast knowledge.