Candy Crushes Her Obstacles

Candy likes to hang around outside with her favorite kettlebell before personal training workouts. ;-)

Candy likes to hang around outside with her favorite kettlebell before personal training workouts. ;-)

I have always been a physically active individual, enjoyed sports; volleyball, track, and cheerleading, alongside being a musician and focusing on my academics, which are of extreme importance to me.  I moved from New Mexico over a year ago and am currently a graduate student at SDSU.  I have a younger sister who has special needs and she relies solely on me as we lost our parents a few years ago due to sudden health issues.  In March 2012, I had a minor motorcycle accident and as a result, my left shoulder was dislocated.  After the incident, I was unable to lift my arm above my head and had many sleepless nights because I had to hold my arm in a certain position while I slept.  I was unable to do a pull-up; I could no longer bench press or even do a push-up.  I felt so weak and defeated with the pain and exhaustion of dealing with such a weak shoulder.  Doing anything overhead made me extremely fearful, and at times still causes some fear of possibly experiencing  that  painful dislocation again.

Getting Started with a Personal Trainer

I was allowing this injury to take over my physical abilities and day-to-day activities.  Fortunately, I learned that the Aztec Recreation Center offered personal training.  I had a consultation with Anthony Sawh and was blown away by how friendly and attentive he was to my needs and getting to know about me.  It was also great to learn about him and what an ambitious and dedicated person he is, especially in his job.  I decided to give personal training a try.

I wanted to ensure that my form was correct and to ensure my shoulder got stronger, (which I did not think was possible considering how difficult it had been to deal with); I could not even do an overhead task without it falling out of the socket.  I wanted to ensure good health, and as a 25-year-old woman, I wanted to look good overall, especially since I now live in San Diego and can show off that beach body! ☺

I expected to have a trainer for a couple of months, but when I saw the overall change in my strength and a difference in my body during that short amount of time, I became hooked!  Anthony focused on mobility and conditioning in the first few months, and as I became more accustomed to the routine and improved upon my form, I began more strength training.  

Becoming Stronger 

A year later, I have regained full range of motion in my shoulder, I have slimmed down, have a flatter stomach and a more muscular, yet feminine build, which I want; and most importantly, I am so much stronger!  

I have set a Personal Record of 150 pounds on my back squat and a Personal Record of 200 pounds on my deadlift. I am increasing reps on my  push-ups and increasing weight on my bench presses. I am also beginning to perform unassisted bodyweight pull-ups again!  

My workouts with Anthony never get old.  I train three times a week and every time it is always a new challenge and a different muscle is always feeling the work that I have put in.  He also gives me work to do on my own if I feel the need for it or if I find the free time to put in that extra effort.  

I have attained so many of my goals. I am so much happier than before I invested in a personal trainer.  School, work and caring for my younger sister can get stressful, but knowing that I am succeeding at this part in my life has become very empowering.  

Community Support 

Many of us have misconceived ideas about personal trainers possibly passing judgment and intimidating their clients, which even I was skeptical of. Thankfully, after joining the Strong Made Simple community and collaborating with Anthony, I have felt completely safe and optimistic and have not been disappointed.  He and everyone else has been nothing but supportive of my goals and ensures that I reach them, even if I do need the extra push once in awhile, which we all do with our busy schedules.  The Strong Made Simple community has provided a home away from home for me.  I have met so many nice men and women of all ages who are so supportive, not only in my physical goals, but emotionally and mentally as well.  Moving to San Diego was a difficult adjustment, but within this group, lifelong friendships have been created.   

In the Strong Made Simple  community, I have also been able to collaborate with Brian Tabor regarding my exercise regimen, therefore, it is like having two personal trainers to receive feedback from.  Brian and Anthony also create activities for the Strong Made Simple group to attend outside of the gym.  For instance, we have gone on beautiful hikes, as well as taken part in fun sports such as ultimate frisbee and paddleboarding.  It has been such a wonderful experience being able to see all that San Diego has to offer, especially in this group of caring and generous individuals.  

More than a workout

I could never emphasize how critical it is, at any age, to begin or continue an exercise program.  It is an amazing feeling to take pride in yourself.  To me, personal training is one of the best investments that you can ever make for yourself.  I have more work to put into my body and still have more goals that I would like to achieve, but Anthony, Brian and the Strong Made Simple community, have supported me throughout.  This investment that I have made is one that I would like to continue with for as long as I can, even after my goals have been reached.  This has made all the difference in my life.  The lasting friendships that I have made along the way in itself, are priceless.  

If you’re thinking about making a positive change for yourself contact them now.