Monica's Personal Training For Strength and Confidence

I had already been going to the gym when I started my search for a personal trainer. However, my workouts did not have direction and I received bad advice on exercising from someone at the gym. This led me to attempting my squat with a Smith machine. I wasn’t new to squatting, but I never attempted to squat with anything barbell-like before. One day while squatting with the smith machine, I hurt my back. I don’t know what I did, but I couldn’t exercise for about two months. Feeling discouraged and having my confidence shaken from the injury, I began to read fitness blogs. I came across a blog that had a post about girls lifting heavy weights and it mentioned a story about a woman who participated in strongman competitions. Feeling inspired by this story I searched strongman in San Diego. This is how I found Brian. I wanted to learn how to lift properly and be strong.

Starting Personal Training

I was excited to start training but I didn’t know what to expect when I began. From the initial meeting, Brian made feel comfortable and impressed me with his knowledge about the body. I explained to him about my knee injuries from high school and that I injured myself squatting with a smith machine. He reassured me that he’d be able to help me. I explained to him that my main goals were to become stronger, lift correctly to prevent injury and overall weight loss.

The value of his coaching goes well beyond the gym. The physical changes, such as strength and weight loss, have been exciting and motivating. I enjoy that every session is a different challenge that pushes me to be a better athlete. Whether we are pushing forward to new weights or doing a drill to assist in the next big goal, he knows how to maximize his clients performance. However, the mental changes are profound as well. For most of my life, I have struggled with low self-confidence and insecurity issues. By achieving the goals that we set, I have more confidence in my ability to accomplish tasks in other parts of my life.

Strong Made Simple Community

I enjoy being a part of the Strong Made Simple Community! While Brian is my primary coach, Anthony Sawh is also available to me. It feels pretty awesome having two coaches. They both work with a great group of people who create a supportive and fun experience. Brian encourages his clients to be well-rounded athletes by doing a variety of activities. I found myself trying out yoga classes and going on hikes more often. I began engaging in healthier habits consistently and working out on my own as well.

Changing Perspective

When people look at me they can see a visual change. I am stronger, leaner, and more powerful. However, what they can’t see it is the changes on the inside. I am happier and more positive. This is because of Brian. He encouraged me to push myself and go beyond my comfort zone in and out of the gym. I've become a much different person. I am happier, confident, and willing to try new things.

I really look forward to the gym now. Before I used to have some anxieties going into the gym but its now a special place for me. Its a place where i'm constantly bettering myself and setting new goals.

I would recommend Brian to anyone who is ready to make a change in their life! He is knowledgeable and makes working out accessible to people of varying fitness levels. He focuses on your needs and helps you improve any weak points you may have, which is something everyone deals with. He's also a great positive person to be around, great to talk and laugh with. He's truly made a difference in my life.