Online Personal Training Helps Jordan Build Strength and Confidence

As a young man I have been wanting to build my body for years. I have always had the goal of getting bigger and stronger, but due to digestive challenges it’s hard to get in enough food, and also a lack of specific know how have made it difficult to achieve those ambitions. 

Anthony has been personal training me virtually via video chat. We met when I was on a vacation with another friend in southern California, and we kept in touch. A few months later we decided to give long distance personal training a try since I'd been working out trying to get some more muscle for years with no success. Until that point I had been using a fitness app that had a general workout routine, went off of random tips I got from friends, and occasionally used those freebie fitness trainer sessions at the local gym; none of which worked. 

Jordan wanted to use some outdoor pics for his review since he's not always around for events in San Diego.

Jordan wanted to use some outdoor pics for his review since he's not always around for events in San Diego.

Starting With Online Personal Training

Anthony was the first person to take the time to factor in my previous routine, what my body condition was, where my strengths and weaknesses were, and critically what types of foods I can/can't eat. Over video he had me conduct various exercises to see exactly how my movements were as he closely watched each muscle work, and helped me tweak them to get the best impact out of each rep; describing to a tee exactly how it should feel so I would know when I'm doing it right.

Based on all of that he put together a personally tailored routine, specifically for me and my body's needs. Now for the first time I'm actually starting to see results and have that much more confidence. Not only when at the gym and out and about, but also the confidence in seeing real progress that I'll actually get to the goals that I'd set. Now for me it's not a question of if I'll get that body and strength, but when. The core reason for that shift is not only in the steady visual change, but the genuine encouragement and training that Anthony provides with a style that is uniquely his own. He's realistic and tells you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear based on your body type, musculature, and abilities; and always makes sure that you both come to a positive outlook and game plan.

Personal Training For My Specific Needs

In my experience some "trainers" just regurgitate things they heard or make you duplicate what happened to work for them so it's no surprise after so long I was skeptical. But to my benefit, Anthony knows his stuff, knows everyone is very different and requires an entirely individualized plan, which he can adeptly plant and watch grow. Over time my schedule changed and Anthony was readily able to adapt. He always pushes and challenges me enough so that I can complete the plan and achieve the goals of each training program. Then he tactfully sets them higher. He doesn't move the goal post, he makes sure you're there, and then makes a new one once you feel accomplished.

The type of confidence and hope I finally have is a great feeling. Like a good mechanic or doctor it's hard to find a good one for you. No different with a personal trainer, and that's what I happened upon with Anthony. Long distance seemed like a challenge, but I'm glad I took a chance and am totally sticking with it. Can't wait to keep going and see what the next couple years bring!

If Jordan flexes in the woods do all the trees swoon?

If Jordan flexes in the woods do all the trees swoon?

Continued Progress With Online Training 

When I entered the realm of working out, I was very skinny for my height of 5'10, borderline underweight and suffering from various digestive issues. These made it extremely difficult to make any physical progress no matter how hard I worked out. My goal was to bulk up to a healthier weight, have decent stamina, increased strength, and a better body for physical appeal and self confidence. Now, I'm an online training client with Anthony since May 2016, based in Boston; even though Strong Made Simple is in San Diego. We use Google sheets, Skype, phone & text, and that works well for us. Without him being in the gym with me, I need to have a stronger sense of drive and independence to achieve my goals; not to mention it's convenient because I can go on my own schedule as opposed to making appointments.

I've NEVER made progress like this until I joined this crew and started working under Anthony's awesome coaching. Fine tailored routines, diet tips, independence, and knowing he actually cares; not to mention being a part of a really supportive high energy team including the other clients! All for a surprisingly affordable monthly price that is now a solid part of my budget. Since starting, I've gotten more in control of my GI issues figuring out what I can safely eat, and have grown a lot both physically and mentally. I'm healthier, stronger, bigger, and far more self confident. I feel better than I ever have about myself and am thrilled to have found this and will keep going! Strong CAN be Made Simple!