Lower Body Foam Rolling Movements

Personal training client, Ofi, foam rolls however she wants.

Personal training client, Ofi, foam rolls however she wants.

Another simple foam rolling video that you can follow along with. This time for the lower body, and still done in under 4 minutes. 

More details on each movement below the video. Individual videos to accompany the descriptions.


Place your weight on to the roller through the calf by lifting  your hips off the floor with both hands and using the other leg for support. Roll the calves from bottom to top including the region behind the knee. Rotate the foot in and and out to roll different parts of the calves.

Outter Thigh and IT Band

Lying on your side placing the roller underneath the middle of the outside of the bottom thigh. Supporting with your hands and arms, roll from outside of the knee all the way up to outside the hip. The top leg can be used to support and guide the movement by planting the foot flat on the floor in front of the bottom leg.

Front of Thigh and Quadriceps

Lie in a face down position with your hands on the floor, so that the front of one thigh is in contact with the roller and the other leg is out to the side to guide you as you roll. Begin in the middle of the thigh and roll down to the top of the knee and up to the front of the hip bones. You may or may not need to move the hands to support the movement.

Inner Thigh and Adductors

Orient yourself face down on top the roller so that it is perpendicular to the inside of the thigh it is in contact with and parallel to the free leg. With the support of your arms and the straight leg lift the hips off the ground and roll from the groin to inside of the knee. Keep the knee of the leg being rolled high so that it stays close to perpendicular to your body and the roller.

Hips and Glutes

Sit atop the foam roller and cross the legs by placing an ankle on the opposite knee. Roll over the hip and glutes of the elevated leg in multiple directions, supporting yourself by placing your hands behind you or to the side you are rolling on.

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