Quick Lower Body Workout 6/9/2014

Strong Made Simple Personal Trainer demonstrating a goblet squat. #deepsquatshappythoughts

Strong Made Simple Personal Trainer demonstrating a goblet squat. #deepsquatshappythoughts

This is the first post of the Strong Made Simple quick workout series. As stated in the introduction post each of these workouts will be structured so that it can be done in a short period of time while addressing many of the most common issues faced by time strapped exercisers. Today's workout focuses primarily on the lower body and includes some great general mobility type of movements that can benefit anyone spending too much time seated. As always if you have questions with any part of this quick workout post in the comments or upload a video to  the Facebook page so I can provide you with feedback.


Here's What You'll Need

Equipment: 1 dumbbell or kettlebell of moderately challenging weight. Choose a weight that allows you to perform no more than 10 repetitions per set. If this is all new to you choose a weight that allows you to move well. 

Time: 10-15 minutes

Space: Enough room to hold a push up plank position.


The Exercises

1/2 Groiner with Rotation

Goblet Squat

Jumping Jacks


The Workout 

Begin with the jumping jacks and perform 30 repetitions.

As soon as you're finished move to a push up position on the floor and begin the 1/2 groiner with rotation. From the push up position you will swing one leg forward so that your foot is placed just outside your hands. Once you've placed your foot flat on the floor rotate your torso lifting the outside hand up to the ceiling and looking past your finger tips. Pause for a full inhale and exhale then bring the hand down and alternate to the opposite side and hand just inside your foot. Take your time and repeat this process 5 times each side.

Finally, stand up with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab your weight and hold it in the goblet position. Perform 5 goblet squats with perfect form. Be sure to keep your chest up with your weight on your heels. With each repetition take a moment to ensure your elbows are making contact with the inside of the knees and let your hips sink below parallel if tightness makes it difficult to do so. At no point should you let your back round in an effort to squat deeper. If you are unable to reach below parallel depths, get as low as you can while keeping your back from rounding and your chest held up.

After the goblet squats take as little rest time as possible and return to the jumping jacks, completing 5 rounds of the entire circuit. Do not sacrifice your form for speed and take your time to pry and stretch gently in each position of the 1/2 groiners, rotations, and squats.


Workout Notes

This workout can be an effective tool for increasing strength and mobility through your legs, core, and torso. The workout is easily scalable by adjusting the weight of the implement used, rest periods, or number of jumping jacks repetitions. If you feel you need help in scaling this quick workout up or down to meet your current fitness level please leave a post in the comments or Facebook page. Upload a video of any of the prescribed movements and I'll gladly give you feedback on how you can improve your exercise form as well. Happy moving!