How To Swing A Dumbbell Like A Kettlebell

Kettlebell swings have become synonymous with great conditioning without running. But what do you do when your gym doesn't have a big selection of kettlebells? Swing a dumbbell. Kettlebells are indeed the best tool for the job, but you could do amazing work swinging a dumbbell if you do it the right way. 

Swinging a dumbbell can provide the same benefits as swinging a kettlebell such as:

  • improved movement at the hip
  • great conditioning in a small space
  • increased strength of the glutes and hamstrings
  • improved coordination of bracing and relaxation
  • make ya look better naked

Dumbbells present a different challenge for swings though because the handle is in the center of the weight as opposed to atop the weight. So it's better to swing a dumbbell by the end plate than by the actual handle. I've put together a quick video to show you how to swing your dumbbells from the end plate. Watch the video and give dumbbell swings a try. You'll feel a lot less like you're missing out because your gym lacks kettlebells and you'll reap the same benefits. 

If you're looking a for a great simple addition to your training for better work capacity and conditioning try adding 100 swings a day. It takes less than 5 minutes once you get the hang of it and is very effective. 

Happy swinging!

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