4 Things I Travel with to Stay Strong and Feel Well

Travelling for MovNat workshops I end up spending too much time seated on planes and too little time picking up heavy stuff. Here are four things I travel with to keep myself feeling strong and well. What travel tools do you take with you?

Lacrosse Ball

I slip off the shoes and massage the feet while I'm on the plane. I can do this and practice deep diaphragmatic breathing at the same time. I've been surprised by how much flight time I've lost track of while doing this and how well I actually feel immediately when I deplane. Once I'm back at the hotel I can use the ball to massage may calves, hip flexors, glutes, hips, upper back, shoulders, and pecs, keeping myself feeling pretty dang well.

Resistance Band

I keep a monster band from EliteFTS in my bag and once I'm in the hotel I use it to stretch, perform some sets of banded good good mornings, standing rows, pull aparts, tricep extensions, resisted push ups, or whatever comes to mind. I'm not saying this is gonna bulk anyone up or magically add a plate to their deadlift, but it does give you some extra options for additional strength work outside of body weight movements without taking up any real bag space.

CoC Gripper

I hate coming back to the gym to find my hands forgot how to grip weight. This eliminates that issue for me. It is also a great way to get past stressful security situations without doing something to get a TSA agent inspecting your darkest most crevices. Way better than a stress ball.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap

Hotel soap sucks. I keep one of these bad boys in my bag so I can smell and feel so fresh and so clean, which definitely keeps me feeling more human after a day of breathing the same recycled airplane air as a few other passengers. Plus there's no ounce limit on a bar of soap when you pass through security.

I really like these things to keep myself feeling normal, well, and strong while I travel. Luckily I get to move tons throughout the MovNat workshops I teach over the weekend, but anyone can take 10 minutes to move around naturally in the comfort of a hotel room. You could even do it eau naturale. What do you do to feel strong, well, or human while travelling? Post and share.