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Eating Habits and Foam Rolling

Cat in Blinds food meme.jpg

Join Strong Made Simple clients and friends to discuss eating habits and how we can go about improving our nutrition without the stress of counting macros and silly detox plans.

We ain't all about sitting in chairs hemin' and hawin' though. No way. #sittingisthesmoking. While we talk about our obstacles with better eating, we'll be moving around stretching out our hip flexors and making sure we feel ready to tackle the weekend, too. 

In a slightly more serious tone though, this get together is specifically to talk about nutrition and eating for our goals. All questions are welcome and it will be a judgement free discussion. I'll be the first one to say that I'm not a perfect eater. I like Phish Food and oreos. 

Together we will work on establishing personalized habits that we can each move forward on right away. Our focus will be on the basic actions we can take to eat just a little better each day to build up the habits that make our eating align with our goals. 

We will be meeting (probably in one of the AMC rooms) just outside of the Aztec Recreation Center on campus at SDSU. I hope to see you there.

Later Event: November 15
Ultimate Frisbee