Push Ups and Tacos! 

Some things are just awesome. And when you recognize awesome things you should make them a staple in your life. Like push ups and friggin' tacos! 

Push ups are one of the most basic exercises that will help transform your strength and you can do them pretty much anywhere. If you wanna be great you gotta practice the basics!

Tacos are equally impressive, even though most people probably don't think of them as a fitness food. They come in good portion sizes typically, have protein, and even a small bit of veggies. Tacos Tuesday can even be a sort of lynchpin for your own personal meal planning each week. 

We think in a place like San Diego where there are so many beautiful ways to stay active and amazing things to eat, it's a shame to live a lifestyle that sucks the joy out of being here. Push ups and Tacos was written as a resource to help you be as fit and active as you want to be without being a slave to counting macros, avoiding your favorite foods, or spending the best part of your days sweating in a dark gym.

In Push Ups and Tacos you'll find resources and strategies to help you:

  • Stay really fit while playing and having more fun
  • Develop better food skills so you can eat the things you love while staying lean
  • Workout to build the strength, and athleticism to enjoy more of San Diego
  • Find other real people trying to have fun, stay fit, without making life more complicated.